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From small beginnings to a fleet of drones


Redefining Drone Services is a highly experienced CAA Part 102 certified drone company based in Queenstown, New Zealand.

We have the largest fleet of drones and qualified drone pilots in the South Island.

We capture high quality aerial drone cinematography for TV commercials, feature films, broadcast and online.


We have extensive experience with aerial drone architectural photography, capturing background plates and 360 environments for 3D renders.

Our Queenstown drone photographers are highly experienced and their drone imagery has been published globally.

With our drone film office in Queenstown, and our agricultural drone service centre in Kingston we can provide an experienced drone team for any task.

Ben Ruffell Aerial Cinematographer Queenstown
Alta X Heavy-lift Drone Lake Wakatipu Queenstown

Our Journey So Far




Ben Ruffell and Joshua Dunn establish the company as a film industry service provider based in Queenstown.



New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority's highest drone qualification is achieved. 


All of our drone flights in New Zealand are commercial in nature under our CAA Part 102 certificate 

We take all aspects of flight safety into consideration during our planning process.

As the drone experts based in Queenstown Overview prides itself on having a perfect operational track record.

We have an Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC) and we carry an Airband radio to monitor the active airspace.

Our operational areas are controlled with barriers and signage. The crew wear high visibility vests that identify them as licensed drone operators.

Our goal is to create a small footprint and avoid inconveniencing other users of public areas.

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